12TH December 2019 – 14TH December 2019


FREE Admission.

Opening Hours:

10:00 A.M. – 06:00 P.M.

Admission Rule:

  • This exhibition is open for Trade & Public visitors with proper registration.
  • Minors below 12 are not allowed to enter.
  • All visitors must be in proper attire.
  • The organizer reserves the right not to permit entry to any individual without proper attire or violation of rules.


1 1 长春市中特商贸有限公司 Changchun Zhongte Trading Co., Ltd. Fungus, Agaric, Grains JILIN CHINA
2 2 吉林省关东大嫂食品有限公司 Jilin Province Guan Dong Da Sao Food Co., Ltd. Fungus, Ginseng, Velvet Antler JILIN CHINA
3 3 吉林省鼎禾农业科技(集团)有限公司 Jilin Dinghe Agricultural Science and Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. Coarse Cereals, Local specialty JILIN CHINA
4 4 公主岭市健亿农业综合开发有限责任公司 Gongzhuling Jianyi Agricultural Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd. Corn Noodles, Corn Flour, Grits, Millet, Sorghum JILIN CHINA
5 5 吉林省平行线文化交流咨询有限责任公司 Jilin Province Parallel Line Cultural Communication Consulting Co., Ltd. Birch Wine JILIN CHINA
6 6 长春市久丽日用品有限公司 Changchun Jiu Li Daily Necessities Co., Ltd. Wall Breaking Machine JILIN CHINA
7 7 辽源市徐派梅花鹿茸有限公司 Liao Yuan Xupai Sika Deer Antler Co., Ltd. Sika Deer Antler, Deer Fetus, Deer Horn, Deer’ Tendon, Deer’ Penis Ccervices, Deer Antler Blood JILIN CHINA
8 8 吉林省满瑞经贸有限责任公司 JinLin Province Auspicious Economic and Trade LLC Black Fungus, Pine Nuts, Red Ginseng Slice, American Ginseng Slice, Ganoderma Spores Powder, Red Ginseng Tea, American Ginseng Tea JILIN CHINA
9 9 吉林省 延吉市 青华书画传媒有限公司 Jilin Yanji Qinghua Painting and Calligraphy Media Co. Ltd Decorative Painting JILIN CHINA
10 10 长春市百老森商贸有限公司 Changchun Baichao Sen Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. Ginseng, Velvet Antler, Ganoderma Lucidum, Handicrafts, Gifts JILIN CHINA
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